Railroad Transportation Simulator

Freight Forwarding Software for Run 8 Train Simulator 2012-2013

Welcome To RTS

RTS is both a 24/7 Run8 server, as well as freight forwarding software for Run8.  See below on how to get started.  The server is required to use text for communication to all participants.  However, you may use and bring your own TeamSpeak, Phone, or other communication systems to keep in contact with your friends online.

Help is a step by step process for those that require detailed instructions on how things are done on the RTS server.   Guides is where you'll find the latest procedures, and various guides on various aspects of the RTS system.  Trains contains links to download randomly generated consists.  It is here where you report your train on and off duty as well as any issues.  The current IP and password is also shown here (members only). Members (members only) allows you to contact other members privately, including myself (Sean Murrell). You can also use the Forums (can be viewed by all, members only for posting) section to talk about anything RTS or Run8 related.

The website is probably going to go under a few changes in the next little bit to try and reduce the amount of repeat information etc.  The goal here is to make it easy for new members to get the information they need to get started, while having enough detailed information for those looking for added challenges.  But in general if your looking to get started you need to become a member of the website by registering at the very bottom of the home page.  Make sure you fill out your IP address (in addition to this you can add your Run8 screen name) for id purposes and then you will receive access usually within 24 to 48 hours.

RTS Run8 Server

July 10th

Schematic Is Under Construction

RTS is a private 24/7 server (open to full members of the RTS website on approval).  The new and improved car forwarding system is now slowly coming back online.  The security measures here is primarily a communication measure in order to reach people if issues occur.  Do not be intimidated by this, everyone is welcome.  Everything from simple A to B runs up to challenging switching and yard duties will be in place by the end of the month if all goes well.  The software is currently generating unique random consists.  I believe in helping people with whatever their needs are, and I'm very approachable for any questions.  However I'm not always available to answer questions in chat and would rather answer any detailed questions through the forum here, or private messages.  The server covers both Mojave and Needles and requires both the latest version of the program as well as any downloadable content (free or payware).  The password is provided to approved full members of the website.  More detailed information available in the guides section or check my YouTube channel (bottom right hand corner of the website).

Before reporting on duty you should always login below to the WEBSITE in the bottom of this page.  From there proceeding to the trains section to see what trains are available to be run or spawn.  Once you've entered the registry you can then prepare for your task ahead.  You can always contact me directly or other members in the members section as well.  More detailed information will be posted in the forum, and if your unsure about anything please post a reply.  The server again is 24/7 anarchy dispatching.

How To Get Started - How To Get Back On Server 

If your looking for a version of the beta software you can download it below.  It is NOT used by clients to the server, but for single player or hosts.  More details on how to use the server is available in the help sections, with guides in the guide section.

As for the actual server this is a once public server that has gone private.  We do however open the server to the public for sessions advertised on other sites.  If you have not logged on to the WEBSITE (not to be confused with SERVER) in 3 months without prior notice, your accounts will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE.  Deleted accounts remain in the background and can be reactivated again (this is simply a security measure). New registrations will receive an invitation to join the server.  BE SURE THAT YOU ARE PROVIDING A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS AND CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOLDER.  WE HAVE BEEN RECEIVING MANY APPLICATIONS WITH INVITATIONS SENT OUT THAT GET IGNORED.  IF THE INVITATION IS IGNORED OVER 7 DAYS IT DOES NOT GET PROCESSED ANY FURTHER AND YOU WILL HAVE TO APPLY AGAIN.  To avoid this simply reply if you have any questions or concerns.  New members are processed as soon as possible usually within 24 to 48 hours when I am around. Weekdays may have a slower response.  In extreme cases it may take up to a week to get back to you.